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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Future Jungle Expeditions Volume 3 - Future Jungle Blog

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Top Drawer Digital : Future Jungle Expeditions Volume 3

To celebrate the full release of their latest album The Future Jungle Blog have got an exclusive Future Jungle Expeditions mix for you to download , free tracks ,a full review and Interviews with some of the artists involved .

This, the 3rd instalment of Top Drawer Digital's compilation series 'Future Jungle Expeditions' showcase the versatility of 140-150bpm Future Jungle, continuing in the spirit of its 90's precursor, an array of styles are here for your listening pleasure.

We start thing's off with Lucas' remix of E Lab Rat-Rat Hustle which has strong techno and hip hop leanings as per Lucas' inimitable style, a great half tempo drop with beat boxing samples leads into this continually building atmospheric roller.

Next up is a TDD favourite, Netherlands original Junglist, Bojcot Selectah with ' Winston Tribute ', neatly chopped up breaks with a heavy, hypnotic bassline and intricate pads. A track that will apeal to dubstep and breaks fans alike.

Schoco's 'Sunrise' is ethereal trance like future jungle that will send shivers down your spine and give you goosebumps, a slow burning, driving tune that builds up to an immense finale

RadioKillaZ 'Leatherface' takes a few samples from a well-known horror cult classic and marries it to a bassline reminiscent of seminal DnB anthem 'The Nine' for a dancefloor smasher par excellence, good tongue in cheek fun never sounded so good.

The Rumblist ' Forever Sleep ' is a musical masterpiece, intricate tearout breaks with so many subtle elements that make it a brilliant tune, constant key changes throughout keep this fresh and the basslines are huge, watch your bassbins!!

Perennial favourite of all discerning DJs and fans of future jungle alike, Electrux offers up ' Tau Ceti ', a wonderful combo of bleepy pads and a grimey bassline with skippy amen breaks, more of his consistent greatness.

Lucas & Strange Rollers' '100% Pure(Digitally Mashed)' kicks off with a classic speaker rumbling reese bassline before a Irvine Welsh sample kicks in extolling the virtues of the raver's choice of mood enhancement, this track is full of vibes and extremely infectious, it seems that as the track title suggests, tireless veteran DJ of the scene, Digitally Mashed has had a hand in this great tune!!!

Ben Venom makes a welcome TDD return with 'Destroyer', a punchy hardcore breaks/future jungle slammer with gnarly bass and electro/tearout influenced pads, this is seriously heavy!!!!

Eddie Voyager's 'Let It Roll' is perhaps the raviest tune on the album, with hip hop vox and a 90's rave style melody running throughout over some super tight and funky drum programing, if this doesn't get you moving, check your pulse!!!

Sanxion's 'Ain't Nothing' takes modern bass music and puts it through a 140 breaks filter with a huge uplifting drop 40 seconds in before introducing some sweet pianos just before the 2 minute mark, what happens next is signature Sanxion twisted bassline madness that is simply irresistible

Final Conflict's 'We R Who We R' takes us back to the mid 00's with a modern ravey take on the Nu Skool breaks sound, lovely organ pads and ragga vocals on this bad boy!!!

Vinyl Junkie concludes proceedings with 'SubTropical' which certainly has subs and is indeed very tropical!!!! again, there's just so much going on here and it sounds stunning, trippy bleepy pads, tropical jungle samples, bongos, eerie building melodies and a beastly bassline make for a banger of a tune to put the icing on the cake for Future Jungle Expeditions, an album equally suited as a selection for the clubs and raves as much as a great home listening compilation or indeed, one for your car stereo. Whatever your pleasure, if you've even heard one or two future jungle tracks and you are eager to find out more, make this your first point of call.

Grab a free remix of Schoco : Sunrise below

Schoco : Sunrise (Lucas' Final Sunset Remix)

Schoco- Sunrise (Lucas' Final Sunset Remix ) by Top Drawer Digital

Lucas Interview

Since the early days of TDD up to now, what would you say have been the focal points of the label growing and the sound of future jungle in general?
I think the progression of Top Drawer Digital so far has been mainly down to the fact that me and Digitally Mashed make a great team.
We do things our own way, not following the pack or worrying about conforming to what’s expected. We just want to write/play/release forward thinking bass music within the 140-150 Bpm area unconstricted by rules. As far as Future Jungle goes, yes I’m one of the people who have pushed to make the tag stick which it seems to have but it means different things to different people which on a positive note should keep it diverse.
I’m not a Jungle purist myself and am happy with how things are progressing. It’s a bastardised genre in my opinion with its roots firmly set in the Old Skool but with no real allegiances to any particular part of it , 140-150 Bpm Bass and Break Driven music for the current producers to do something new with.
Personally   I’m not fussed if the term stays , we will just keep progressing and let people call it what they like.

When putting together this new compilation, the 3rd in a highly popular series, was there a certain criteria you looked for?
I do love putting these albums together , My main aim is to get a good cross section of all the styles I think sit under the Future Jungle Umbrella within the Top Drawer Digital sound then work them into a track list so that the album flows as a complete listen rather than just a collection of tunes.
I’m really happy with how Volume 3 has turned out.

One of the tracks on the album by Strange Rollers and yourself is entitled '100 Pure (Digitally Mashed)', listening to it makes me think there must be an interesting anecdote about how this came together?
I’d been planning a trip to the Strange Rollers Studio for a while we’ve been involved in many projects together but never actually got together in the studio to do something. It’s the first time I’ve ever directly produced a track with anyone , generally I find the production process a very personal thing. When we eventually locked down the date it turned out that DM was DJing just down the road the night before so joined up with us for the day.
It was great to catch up properly and the 100% Pure track came out of it too. DM definitely had some input on it so we wanted to give him a mention in the title in someway.

Not wanting to put you on the spot but of the more under the radar producers in this scene, who do you see as potentially having a big impact in the near future?
I’m good at evading these sort of questions as a rule due to the pure mass of new talent coming through all the time but if I have to name one person I see potential in it would be Gav Ley , He has the ability to become huge in my opinion in whatever style he chooses.
His productions are innovative, clean and powerful and he is my big tip for the coming year.

And also, EDM is evolving faster than ever right now, is it still possible to stick to your guns with a sound or do you see the current 140-150bpm jungle sound also inevitably evolving?
EDM has always evolved at speed, it’s the nature of the beast , Do I see the current scene evolving ? it fucking better had ;) Evolve or Die I say!
I don’t feel the sudden mass worldwide interest in commercial EDM will really effect the likes of us , were about as underground as it comes but the spread of The Future Jungle sound internationally does bear well ,fingers crossed hey !
DM’s doing a tour of the USA , has had mix’s played on FM station C89.5 in the USA and has a forthcoming mix airing on Kiss FM Australia so things are looking good.

Lastly, what direction would you like TDD to go in the future?
Top Drawer Digital will just go with the flow, we’re on a journey that we have no idea where it’s going and are quite happy to just enjoy the ride and see what happens.

Here's a full free mix from the host and DJ of The Top Drawer Digital Show, each Tuesday 7-9pm on showcasing tracks from the full Future Jungle Expeditions Series

Digitally Mashed Presents Future Jungle Expeditions Volumes 1-3 by Top Drawer Digital
Final Conflict Interview

You've been involved in the breaks scene since 2003, tell us a little bit about that journey...
Hailing from the Manchester area I was raised on good music, I originally started out playing Trance but I discovered Nu-Skool breaks through the seminal night 'Tangled' and never looked back. I promoted for a night called 'Military Breaks' and played a host of venues including 'The Pheonix', 'Zumbar' and 'North'. With a move to Leeds in 2004 I was involved with events at 'Stinkeys Peephouse', 'The Fav' and 'Oceans Eleven'. I then took a bit of a hiatus to pursue other business ideas but with a move to London in 2008 I was drawn back to the scene (should never have stayed away)
Playing at various venues across the capital I secured my first residency playing hip hop, breakbeat, garage and dnb, a relatively commercial venue but this, combined with a move into production led to playing regularly at Londons leading bass music night 'Supatronix' which led to playing various events with the likes of Rennie Pilgrem, Elite Force, The Freestylers, Jay Cunning, Pyramid, Jurassik...and even a set at Stanton Sessions with The Stanton Warriors earlier this year.

Can you share a few thoughts on the current future jungle sound?
I love it! I've always been a fan of clever percussion, deep basslines and intelligent riddims and this genre has it all. I love the diversity you get with Future Jungle, there is something for everybody in there and means you can take the crowd on a journey through the various guises from mellow reggae vibes to full on tear-out assaults.

You also run the Ruffneck nights which heavily promote the 140 sound, what can we expect at a typical event?
Everything from the Future Jungle!, with a bit of Old Skool thrown in for good measure. It was set up with 'Rennie Pilgrem', who has always been ahead of the game with all things breakbeat, 'Jay Cunning' of Sub Slayers who are in my eyes the leading bass music label at the moment and are banging out some top class 140 non stop and Supatronix boss Jurassik who is one of Londons biggest breakbeat promoters.
The whole ethos is just to have a good party, to push the Future Jungle vibe and to showcase up and coming talent in the genre and basically just go nuts for a few hours, we've created quite a buzz over the past year or so and have been able to attract the likes of The Freestylers, Pyramid and Schema to headline and have King Yoof coming up on May the 18th.

Whats the reaction been to 140 Jungle at your events?
Its a great vibe, with its infectious rhythms and deep basslines it always makes the crowd bounce and it fits with so many genres (Breakbeat, Dubstep) but has that fresh forward thinking sound and variation, we've been very lucky in one sense that the Ruffneck events have always been packed which shows that this is a genre that's going places. Even at the more commercial venues i play at i drop some Future Jungle and the place goes nuts.

Who inspired you to get involved in breaks and who inspires you today?
This is a difficult one to answer, I'm a massive Hybrid fan, back in the day their DJ sets were more Nu-Skool breaks than the orchestral immense soundscapes they do today, also I'd have to say The Stanton Warriors and The Plump DJs brought me a lot closer to breakbeat. Nowadays I'd say im inspired by the likes of Pyramid with there full on tear-outs, 'Toronto Is Broken' (he's making big waves at just 20 years old) and Resin, love his Old Skool vibe. But I'm still inspired by the likes of The Prodigy, The Freestylers and Hybrid and think this comes out in my productions.

Tell us your favourite tune on Future Jungle Expeditions 3
The whole album is a great representation of all things Future Jungle, they all have their place but if I was to pick one It has to be Schoco - Sunrise. I love music that involves you and takes you on a journey and this does just that, i think it sums up the album Future Jungle Expeditions.

Finally, whats coming up production and DJ'ing wise from yourself and where can we hear more of your sounds?
Production wise expect some more high octane Nu-Jungle bangers, there's a few in the pipeline im really excited about people hearing, more to come on Top Draw Digital and Bad Habit Musik and even working with a singer at the moment to explore the more vocal side so watch this space.
Dj wise there are many more Ruffnecks planned for the rest of the year, more Supatronix events but what i'm most excited about is the Bad Habit USA Tour where i'll be playing 'I Love LA' at The Airliner in Los Angeles on the 21st April, 'Concrete Jungle' in Las Vegas on the 23rd and 'The Kava Lounge' in San Diago on the 29th with a few radio appearances along the way on KPFK RADIO Fm and Future Jungle Worldwide!

Schoco Interview

Hi Dan, tell us a little about yourself for the uninitiated

Hi, I'm a producer from Fellbach near Stuttgart, South Germany. I mainly produce future jungle at the moment, but also other styles of breakbeat music and sometimes Techno.
My tunes and remixes have been released on Quantum Progression Audio, Boomsha Recordings, Top Drawer Digital, Digital Acetate, Brainfunktrax and Junglist Manifesto.
And there will shortly be more releases from me on Boomsha Recordings and Digital Acetate, and some others are in the pipeline…

As a producer, you have a very unique take on the future jungle sound, very minimal and euphoric, often you produce between 130-150bpm and many of your tunes are quite techno influenced, when making tunes, what do you aim to convey to the listener?

That’s very simple: music creates emotions, positive or negative. If I can touch the listener with my sound and my music creates positive emotions, I’m happy!
Music has always been very important to me, and I always wanted to create music on my own. I personally hear a wide range of different music. And as a producer you are always influenced by your personal taste, but that is often a more subconscious effect in my opinion. When I start producing I often have an idea what kind of tune I want to do, but the result is almost always very different to my plans. Often it’s more like what the sounds make with me, not what I make with the sounds... and I always keep my productions very open till the end. Sometimes I change nearly everything on an almost finished tune, when I’m not 100% happy with it. Another important thing in my productions is that I always try to give every single sound enough room to breathe, that’s why they often sound more minimalistic.

As you're appearing for the 2nd time on TDD for Future Jungle Expeditions 3, whats your favourite track on the album?

The whole Album is superb! But I Think I have to choose 2 tracks that stand out a bit in my opinion:
The first is RadioKillaz’ Leatherface. It totally sounds like slow-downed version of Alien Girl from Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce, and I like that, big tune!
And Forever Sleep from The Rumblist. This is such a huge sounding and euphoric tune, perfect for the wee hours!

Lets imagine for a second that I am an alien who's never heard of future jungle, how would you describe it to me?

It’s very difficult and almost impossible to describe future jungle without describing the roots of fj, plus there are so many influences and fj has such a variety of sounds and the boundaries to other genres are fluid… and I’m not a big fan of classifications to be honest. 
But if had to make a definition, I would say it’s a breakbeat based and bass driven sound between 130 and 150 bpm with a lot of drums, main influences are all kind of other breakbeat music, and it’s open for all kind of other influences.
In my opinion, this openness for different influences is very important to develop fj further and to keep it alive! We shouldn’t start one of those ‘true’ or ‘real’ debates again...

Lastly, where can we hear more of your sounds and any last words and shout outs?

Massive shouts and thanx to Dan (Bright Lights), Generic Bass, Kano (Bay B Kane), Chase (Sound Shifter), Daz Breakz, Lucas, Digitally Mashed, Dave (Rich Tones), Ali (Visible Sound), Dave (Breakz), Jules (Time Travel), George (Sir Charge), Ryan (RyKennon), Gav Ley, Ruined Jon, John (Vinyl Junkie), Ritchie (Strange Rollers), Dennean, David (D-audi), Aitch, Laurence (DJ L.A.B.), Simon Harris, Otter and  everyone I forgot in this list, all others involved in the future jungle movement and everyone who listens, plays and supports my sounds! BIG UPZ!!!

If you want to be up to date with my latest tunes, releases, free downloads etc. you should follow me on
Soundcloud:  or on

To celebrate his inclusion on the album, Dan has granted us a free tune courtesy of QPA, You're gonna love this awesome slice of FJ

Bright Lights - KANUFYEELITTT (Schoco Remix) [QPAFREE001 - Quantum Progression Audio] by Schoco

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bojcot Selectah - Runnin' EP

Top Drawer Digital proudly present Bojcot Selectah and The Runnin’ EP. 

One of the best producers in the scene brings you a dark four track EP of immense proportions.
140 Bpm  Jungle of the highest order with intricate break edits and deep atmospherics but above all crafted to damage dancefloors with Bojcot’s  unique sound and with this in mind mastered by Marteen De Boer  for pure Big System destruction.These 4 tracks will be staying in many DJ’s sets for a long time to come. 

Quotes / Support

Warrior One (Black Butter) : In my mind Bojcot Selectah is the number one 140 Jungle producer out there. I've had these tunes in my sets and on my ipod for a while now and they are outstanding and incredible in the sense they work across the levels - big, big bass for your club sets... rolling atmospheric deepness for the headphones... But what is most outstanding is that these are actually Jungle. No loops, but proper chops, no crazy/lazy wobble bass (yawn) but deep, deep chestplate business! Big up my Selectah 10/10
Jay Cunning (Sub Slayers) Big Release  9/10
Bay B Kane : Runnin' is a big tune
Outrage (Metalheadz / Backlash /J-Tek Records) : Give me more of this please 8/10
Radiokillaz : Pure Darkness 9/10
Mizeyesis : Bad Ass Beats 9/10
EZ : FIRE!! 8/10
Vinyl Junkie : Best release on TDD in ages. Big up the Bojcot !!!
DJ Sappo : Nice work 7/10
Gappa G : 8/10
Gold (Subslayers): Big dutty dark riddims here from Boye! Loving Runnin and All Original. Hard to pick a fav. Will support! 8/10
Tony Rocky Horror (c89.5 FM) : Dangerous 8/10
Digitally Mashed 9/10
The Flashback Project 7/10
Pressa: Absolutely big from my boy Bojcot 10/10
Schema: Some Dark Riddims on Here 7/10
More support from Billy Bunter ,Generic Bass ,Kid Chameleon, Brewster B (Kiss FM AU),VJ Air,601,Ceos,Rasco,Rob Focuz,Tariq,Virus and many many more

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Southern Hemisphere EP

Top Drawer Digital Present

TDDR031 - The Southeren Hemisphere EP Volume 1

BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra Support from B.Traits on this one.

Konjah : Make A Move :

Steezie Wonder : Badunkadunk Bounce:

Release Dates 

Track it down exclusive NOW
Everywhere : 01st January 2013

Kicking off 2013 we introduce 2 Fresh new artists to the Top Drawer Digital stable,Konjah and Steezie Wonder, A pair of Exciting Bass Music producers from New Zealand.
Pushing our boundaries style wise but keeping in line with our 140-150 Bpm Genre Crossing Bass /Break driven music ethos both Make A Move and Badunkadunk Bounce are infectious tracks that stand out from the crowd ,reminiscing with old skool sounds but pushing forward into new territories.

Both tracks currently featured on Track It Down :

Support :

Konjah : Make A Move played by B.Traits ( Radio 1 / 1 Xtra)
Schema "Sick, lovin this, will be supporting." 10/10
Brewster B (Kiss FM AU) “I Like It “ 7/10
Tony Rocky Horror (Seattle C89.5 FM) "Steezie Wonder's tune is mad!!" 8/10
Torronto Is Broken "Love the vocals in "Make A Move" 7/10
DJ Vapour (36Htz) Nice , Will Be Playing Make A Move 7/10
DJ EZ 7/10
Gella Wicked Stuff 7/10
Digitally Mashed Full Support 9/10
Sanxion "Like elements from both tunes Will play out and see how they go down. Should imagine Badunkadunk Bounce is the one!" 7/10
Pressa "Wicked stuff. Loving Konjah - Make A Move!" 9/10
Riskoteque "Feeling the influences here... bit of juke and booty bass... very danceable" 8/10
Strange Rollers "immense EP This, both absolute floor rockers!!!! Massive SR Support" 9/10
Vinyl Junkie 7/10
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog) "Make A Move is soulful with a techno influence and a lovely driving bouncy 4x4 kick building into the breakbeats, simply superb. Badunkadunk
Bounce is wicked, great fusion of Trap like sounds, hoovers and menacing sub bass, another sure fre winner from TDD" 10/10

More support includes :
Ben Venom, , Dan Flynn,Kid Chameleon, Dazz F, DJ Virus, Gaffer, Gav Ley,John Grief, Jon James, Lex, Linda B, Nasty Squad, Odeed and Wish, Midland Breaks, Rapid, Rasco, Ceos, Rob Focus,,Galvatron, Yankee and many many more

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Electrux - the Orbit EP

Top Drawer Digital Presents :

Electrux : The Orbit EP

Release Dates :
Track It Down : 17th November 2012
Everywhere : 01st December 2012

A : Bounce

Electrux - Bounce -TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

B : Illusion
Electrux - Illusion - TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

C : Orbit
Electrux - Orbit - TDDR030 -The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

D : Slingshot
Electrux - Slingshot - TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

To mark our 30th release one of Top Drawer Digital's favorite producers Electrux is back with his 3rd full EP on the imprint and we rekon it's the strongest yet. The Orbit EP showcases his unique style as he drifts through genres whilst retaining his recognisable sound.

Support Includes :

100me Rating : 8 / 10 "Excellent release!! Illusion is doing it for me! =)"
Ben Venom Rating : 9 / 10 "Once again Electux smashes it!"
Brewster B Kiss FM AU  6 / 10 "amen brother..!"
Tony Rocky Horror C89.5FM 7 / 10 "Orbit + Slingshot are my fav's!
DJ Virus - Kool/Reinforced 10 / 10 "big bless & respect 4 coming wid da goods again love the music..v"
E Z  7 / 10 "Liking the Bounce track!!"
Jay Cunning  7 / 10 "Illusion is the one for me!"
John Grief 7 / 10 "Good stuff from Electrux as usual - top marks go to Illusion - proper head nodding steppin bouncy bassline action - tasty..."
Jon James  8 / 10 "Top tuna from Electrux, 4 great tracks from the 2step/future beats of the lyrical roller bounce to the the dark edges of sling shot ...for me its the Amen
work out of Orbit..."
Kranky 8 / 10 "Nice release, Orbit is a banger!"
Linda B 8 / 10 "It was so hard to choose between Bounce and Illusion as best mix for me, but i think i chose Bounce to have the edge for it's Old Skool feel. I love this
MULDER  9 / 10
Odeed and Wish 9 / 10 "Bounce is huge!I have been waiting for this release for a minute.Illusion is another top notch banger as well.Overall a great release and I will support
for sure."
Rasco  7 / 10 "Very good for the dancefloor, i like it"
RISKOTECEQUE 7 / 10  the dubstep cut was cool
Strange Rollers 9 / 10 "Loved Bounce for ages now! stunning track big support from the Strange Rollers Illusion is another stormer! Heavy Bass Action Infact there all
Ceos 8 / 10 "Illusion is a smart one, yet bangs with the best of them!"
Rob Focuz 7 / 10 "Really like Illusion.. great track! Will definitely play this one."
Radiokillaz 8 / 10 "a nice amen banger"
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog/Hush Mag)10 / 10 "Electrux is an artist who is totally consistent and has an amazing ability to produce continuously fresh and infectious tunes while maintaining his
signature style. I love the bouncy UKG style of 'Bounce' but 'Orbit' wins it for me with that great Electrux take on the Future Jungle sound."
VINYL JUNKIE  9 / 10 "Tossup between Illusion and Orbit.... Slingshot pretty cool too"

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bay B Kane - Future Destination : Exit 2

Top Drawer Digital Presents : TDDR029 - Bay B Kane -Future Destination : Exit 2

Get them from Track It Down :
A : Everyday
B : Unspoken
C : Zensense
D : Breathe

Bay B Kane - Everyday - Future Destination : Exit 2 - TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane -Unspoken - Future Destination : Exit 2- TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane - Zensense -Future Destination :Exit 2 - TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane : Breathe - Future Destination : Exit 2 - TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Jungle Originator Bay B Kane returns to the Top Drawer Digital fold for his second journey in the Future Destination series.This time he travels through Exit 2 and with his latest four track EP, Jungles Past pushes onwards to wherever Jungles Future may be enjoying the ride from here in the Present.

Also check out Future Destination : Exit 1 (4 Track EP Available at all good download stores):

And Future Destination: Exit 1 Revisited (Free 5 Track VIP Remix EP):

Support :

100Me-"Top shelf release from the Top Drawer of record labels... Sick!" 9/10
VJ Air - "great ep of laid back sounds. Everyday is my fav at the mo." 9/10
Ben Venom - "Bay B Kane doin his stuff, awesome!" 9/10
Tony Rocky Horror C89.5FM "Bay B Kane is always on it!!" 9/10Digitally Mashed 10/10
Virus – Big Beaty music love TDD 10/10
Doc Gachet –This takes me back 8/10
EZ – lovin all the tracks 8/10
Eddy U-Ome AWESOME!!! Bay B is back with some crisp breaks for all. Love the soulfulness of unspoken, will def be supporting this one." 9/10
Generic bass 9/10  quality future jungle by BBK. "Everyday" is a proper, proper choon!
Midland breaks 8/10
Jay Cunning 7/10 nice selection of tracks - proper 95 vibes
John Grief Bay B Kane has really got a flow on with this release. All good tracks that fit together well as an ep. But Everyday is where the fire is at!"7/10
Jon James Gotta love those drums man ... bay b kane on top form with this wicked chilled future jungle e.p loads.. nice to hear some unusual drum patterns..great vibes thumbs up from me 8/10
Lex "Proper cool...Bukenm vibes for 2012... diggin this" 9/10
Pressa These are baaaad!" 9/10
Strange Rollers Everyday has a quality drifting away feel, love it and also like Breathes mellow tones and vocal, quality BBK Biznizz 8/10
Ceos Big bashment with a hint of souls and emotion! Liking this!"8/10
Schema yeah really nice this, digging it 9/10
SUAD Yeah Feeling Everyday 7/10
Radiokillaz solid release, feeling Unspoken most, top roller 9/10
Vinyl Junkie  Niceness....Will play on Radio 7/10

Saturday, 22 September 2012

TDDR026 -Final Conflict & D.Viant - Dog Day Afternoon

Top Drawer Digital Presents:

Final Conflict & D.Viant : Dog Day Afternoon


A : Original Mix
Final Conflict & D.Viant - Dog Day Afternoon by Top Drawer Digital

B: 100Me Sudden Death Remix
Track It Down:

C: Louisubsole D&B Remix

Final Conflict & D.Viant -Dog Day Afternoon (Louisubsole D&B Remix) by Top Drawer Digital
Track It Down:


or get it from our Bandcamp Store:

Final Conflict & D.Viant's original mix is an infectious high tempo Future Jungle Breaks track with Driving Bass, Warm Strings and a Lush Piano Hook.
100Me Drop the Speeds and keep the warmth of the original but breakout the Old Skool electro Breaks , Big 808 kicks and Distorted bass to give it a very different feel.
Finally Louisubsole ups the BPM's and goes on a magnificent D&B attack that posseses both Power and Depth.

Support includes :
Tony Rocky Horror (The Aftterparty C89.5 FM): 8/10 Like them all.
Brewster B (Kiss FM Aust) : 6/10 Feel the rage
Dr S Gachet: 8/10 Great mix’s but feeling original mix the best.
Strange Rollers: 8/10Very Original Release packed with 2 quality Remixes 100Me do it for me as per, love it
John Greif (Definition: breaks):8/10 Likin the 100Me take on the original track - has a good vibe and flow to it - can see it fitting in a variety of different sets with its electro sounding Beats
Toronto Is Broken:7/10 Sick synth hook
Virus (Kool London/Reinforced) : 10/10 Big music
Generic Bass: 9/10 progressive breaks meets future jungle.. original will fill the dancefloor
601: 6/10 I like the 100me and D&B mixes best on this
Midland Breaks: 7/10 Feeling the D&B workout on this one, it just slams that little bit harder!
Miss Max: Really looking forward to playing the Sudden Death remix tomorrow night.
Ceos(Downbeat) : 7/10 Really well produced and well thought out tracks and remixes! Diggin' both of the 140 tracks the most
Vinyl Junkie:7/10 Gwaaaarn
Rasco: 7/10 Love D&B Mix Full Support
Mulder: 8/10      Linda B:8/10      Pressa :9/10    Riskoteque: 7/10       Schema :9/10    Radiokillaz: 8/10           
Tariq(Future Jungle Blog):10/10  Digitally Mashed : 8/10


Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Alien EP

Top Drawer Digital Presents
TDDR025 : The Alien EP
Track It Down Exclusive Now.

A: Gav Ley : Xenomorph


B: Lucas : We Don’t Know


With The Alien EP Top Drawer Digital go back to what they do best. Two Deep , Dark and Progressive J-Tek / Future Jungle cuts from Birmingham based Gav Ley and fellow Brummie and Top Drawer Digital Head Honcho Lucas.
A pair of tracks to take you on Moody Sci Fi trip of Deep Space exploration to find out what is out there...

8/10 Review in September’s DJ Magazine
Support From :
Dr S Gachet ,Tomb Crew , Sanxion, Schema, Radiokillaz,Vinyl Junkie, Brewster B, 601,Outrage, VJAir, , Bojcot Selectah,Tony Rocky Horror, Toronto Is Broken,Digitally Mashed, Eddie Voyager, John Grief, Kranky, Linda B , Miss Max, Mulder, Odeed and Wish, TRO, Pressa, Ceos  and many many more.

Bojcot Selectah : love the bleak empty darkness vibe 8/10
Doc Gachet : i love it because it rolls well" 8/10
Schema : Deep Vibes here 8/10

Radiokillaz : 2 mor equality teracks from Top Drawer Digital 9/10

Tariq (Future Jungle Blog) : 2 of Birmingham's finest on one of the best labels in the scene serving up some deep, intelligent and dark J Tek, yet another solid release from TDD 10/10

Vinyl Junkie : Top Drawer on point... Dark and Minimal Jungle b'nizz ;) Like both tracks equally 8/10